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Assumption College San Lorenzo

Research Assistant (Higher Education Division)

Department : Social Research Center
Reports to : The Research Director

The Research Assistant provides clerical support to the Research Director and manages the faculty evaluation and other functions of the office.

Core Competencies

    1. Person of Faith
    2. Person of Communion
    3. Integrity
    4. Passion for Learning
    5. Social Responsibility
    6. Innovation

Functional Competencies

    1. Job Knowledge
    2. Leadership
    3. Work Management
    4. Problem Solving and Decision Making
    5. Information Management
    6. Professionalism
    7. Communication
    8. Resource Management
    9. Service Orientation
    10. Flexibility and Management of Stress

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

    1. Provides technical assistance to the Research Director:
      1.1 Helps prepare proposals, questionnaires, research reports, memoranda, and letters;
      1.2 Recruits field and data processing personnel for research projects;
      1.3 Prepares training materials for briefing of field personnel;
      1.4 Supervises data collection and data processing of research projects;
      1.5 Assists the Research Director in the preparation and implementation of research projects;
      1.6 Helps in the planning, supervision and monitoring progress of on-going projects, both in house and external projects);
      1.7 Assists in the editing of research articles for the AC Research Journal publication;
    2. Handles Student Faculty Evaluation;
    3. Does the tabulation, data entry and computation of the faculty evaluation, evaluation of student services, and computation for merit increase;
    4. Serves as an ex-officio members of the Research Committee;
    5. Does the documentation of various activities of the Research Center

Minimum Qualifications:
• Graduate of a four-year course
• Proficient in Excel, knowledge of SPSS would bean advantage

Please send in your CV to: