Assumption College
Assumption College San Lorenzo

Guidance Counselor

Department : Guidance Center
Reports to : The Guidance Head

The Guidance Counselor provides counseling services and facilitates seminars for student development.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities
1. Counseling Services:

    1.1 Conducts annual routine interviews of students;
    1.2 Conducts individual and group counseling sessions to students;
    1.3 Conducts follow-up counseling sessions from referrals made by the Administrative Team, faculty and staff members, department Chairpersons parents or guardians; and
    1.4 Maintains strict confidentiality on all sensitive matters pertaining to clients and colleagues;

2. Facilitation:

    2.1 Facilitates modules/workshops of the Guidance and other student development modules like the National Service Training Program (NSTP), Parent-Partnership Program, Parent- Daughter Formation Workshops, and leadership trainings;
    2.2 Initiates and implements special projects or programs related to meeting some pressing needs of students;
    2.3 Assists in the shifting procedure for students;

3. Consultation/Partnership:

    3.1 Consults and dialogues with parents of students and significant persons when needed;
    3.2 Networks with professional organizations or experts in the field of Psychology or Guidance and Counseling in assisting students with special needs;
    3.3 Conducts home visitations for counselees when necessary;
    3.4 Coordinates with the members of the Assumption Student Council (ASC) and block representatives regarding student activities and programs related to the College Guidance Center; and
    3.5 Networks, collaborates and partners with other units on other programs, e.g., Integrated Summer Study Program (ISSP), retreats, symposia with the Center for Social Concern (CSC), job fair with the Career Management and Alumnae Relations (CMAR);

4. Program Development/Research:

    4.1 Provides student information through year level profile presentations;
    4.2 Prepares reports on student findings and assists in the compilation of confidential materials;
    4.3 Plans, designs, organizes, implements and evaluates the guidance and counseling programs; and
    4.4 Conducts research related to her practice as Counselor;

5. Administrative Tasks:

    5.1 Submits semestral reports on year-level program and evaluation of special activities conducted;
    5.2 Attends departmental/divisional/institutional meetings;

6. Professional Development:

    Membership in professional organizations;
    Attends seminars/conventions related to the field of counselling;

Minimum Qualifications:

    • Holder of a Master’s Degree in Guidance & Counseling
    • Licensed Counselor
    • With two (2) years work experience as Guidance Counselor
    • Computer literate