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Under the supervision of the LRC Coordinator and in close coordination with the faculty and Library staff, the Circulation Librarian is responsible for the development of the circulation area and the effective use of the library collection and services by both students and teachers.

Core Competencies
1. Person of Faith
2. Person of Communion
3. Integrity
4. Passion of Learning
5. Social Responsibility

Functional Competencies
1. Job Knowledge and Performance
2. Problem-Solving and Decision Making
3. Planning and Evaluation
4. Resource Management
5. Communication and Information Management
6. People Management and Development
7. Flexibility and Management of Stress

Specific Duties and Responsibilities
1. Takes charge of the Circulation area;
2. Lends out books and other library materials to library users and monitors the return of borrowed materials;
3. Provides bibliographic and research assistance to library users;
4. Maintains the necessary records;
5. Participates in the preparation and evaluation of the LRC Action Plan;
6. Participates in the library collection development by recommending books and other materials for acquisition as well as weeding out;
7. Prepares library statistical records;
8. Monitors the use of Athena On-Line Public Access Catalog (OPAC);
9. Catalogs and classifies books and other library materials;
10. Accessions books and other library materials;
11. Does the mechanical processing of cataloged and classified books a library materials;
12. Encodes books and other library materials cataloged and classified using the Athena Library Automation Program;
13. Prepares list of new book acquisition;
14. Participates in the implementation of the Library Instruction Program;
15. Participates in the different reading activities such as AEP,BOB,Read-a-Thon etc.;
16. Prepares Outstanding Library Borrowers' List;
17. Prepares year-end recall notices of books borrowed to faculty and staff;
18. Prepares overdue notices and fines of students and submit to the accounting office;
19. Does the inventory of books and other materials;
20. Participates in the library orientation of students, faculty and staff;
21. Indexes periodicals and journals;
22. Shelves books and keep them in order;
23. Participates in the evaluation of library services and program;
24. Coordinates with other libraries regarding the referral services and takes charge in the Inter-Library Loan of the students and faculty;
25. Monitors students and faculty in the on-line research
26. Participates in the library budget preparation;
27. Keeps abreast of current trends in Information Technology and Library Science;
28. Enforces LRC rules and regulations;
29. Performs other related tasks as assigned.

Accountable to the: Learning Resource Center Coordinator
For: LRC Program and Services

Minimum Qualifications:
* Bachelor's Degree in Library Science
* Master's Degree in Library Science
* Licensed Librarian
* At least two (2) years work experience in the Learning Resource Center
* Computer Literate