Assumption College
Assumption College San Lorenzo

Student Activities Centre (SAC) Assistant


1. Receives and attends to the guests of the Office
2. Encodes and files all records and correspondence of the Student Activities Center;
3. Maintains a file of requisitions for the SAC Office’s supplies;
4. Prepares and follow up job requests for office improvement, repairs and maintenance;
5. Monitors the use and inventory of materials and supplies used for SAC purposes;
6. Monitors request for office supplies;
7. Communicates with other offices for follow-up requests such as METTA, HED, Family Council, etc.;
8. Monitors the attendance of the Moderators and Coaches
9. Makes the monthly honorarium of Outsider Moderators and Varsity Coaches
10. Requests and coordinates all logistical concerns of the SAC such as:

    i. request for venue and equipment
    ii. request for transportation
    iii. request for food
    iv. prepare the materials needed for the SAC related activities

11. Follows up financial requests of the Office
12. Checks and processes the liquidation submitted by the SAC Program Officers and Head
13. Receives and records all Yearbook orders
14. Receives and monitors all Yearbook sponsorships
15. Receives and secures the gadgets surrendered by the students during club time such as cameras and laptops
16. Performs other related duties as may be assigned

Accountable to: Student Activities Centre Head