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Marie Eugenie School for Innovative Learning (MESIL)

The world’s greatest leaders possess two outstanding characteristics, from which all stem: the ability to innovate and transform. The Marie Eugenie School for Innovative Learning applies progressive concepts in tertiary education, conceptualized for the purpose of harnessing the qualities that create excellent educators and trailblazing leaders. Encouraging a highly creative atmosphere, the School fuses theory with application, integrates interrelated fields of study to create global citizens, and challenges the development of innovative teaching strategies and problem solving skills.


Bachelor in Elementary Education
The goal of this program is to provide the students with theory/concept courses and methods and strategies in teaching the elementary level. The program offers a comprehensive study of the professional courses, specialization and general education courses. Graduates see themselves in the field of pre-school, elementary and secondary education in the Philippines and abroad.

Bachelor in Elementary Education Major in Pre-School Education
The course is designed to equip students with a solid foundation on early childhood education theories, principles of teaching, as well as the current trends and developments in teaching strategies, curriculum design and educational technology. It provides opportunities for hands-on teaching experiences in both private and public pre-schools as well as practicum experiences in Assumption schools here and abroad. This program is for students who intend to teach in pre-schools and those who see themselves as future administrators or even owners and managers of pre-schools.

Bachelor in Secondary Education Major in English
The program focuses on the theories and principles of teaching, particularly in the secondary level. It develops skill in effective and creative writing and communicating, literary criticism and analysis, research and appreciation for literature. It exposes the students to a study on Philippine and cross-cultural literature as well as literary genres and literary techniques. It also opens them to possibilities for exchange programs abroad. This program is for those who intend to teach in the high school levels or those who see themselves in related fields of communication, such as journalism, broadcast communication, print production etc.

Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Religious and Values Education
The course focuses on philosophies, approaches and strategies in teaching in the secondary level, with emphasis on Christian spirituality, values education, psycho-spiritual development, responsible citizenship, peace and global education, information technology and human development as well as transformative education. Graduates see themselves as catechists, values and religion teachers, youth ministry6 formation organizers, and/or parish workers.


Bachelor in Communication Major in Advertising and Public Relations
This course gives students a general knowledge of the advertising industry as a whole including sales promotion, brand management, marketing strategies and market research as well as an experience of the creative design process. Students are also exposed to new trends in advertising such as social marketing and integrated marketing communications. Advertising graduates are equipped to be in Public Relations, creative, account development, sales promotion and marketing, and other fields including corporate communication, media buying and events management.

Bachelor in Communication Major in Media Production
The Media Production program equips the students with skills in production and editing as well as working knowledge of the entire broadcasting industry with an emphasis on news and current affairs programming. The classroom experience is enriched with actual broadcast production from conceptualization and pre-production through post-production. Students produce broadcast-quality documentaries for advocacy on relevant social themes and issues which are aired on ACTV programs both in campus and on TV Maria, Cinemalaya and other Film Festivals.

Bachelor in Communication Major in Performing Arts
The communication program aims to keep its competitive edge with the addition of Performing Arts. This program will synergize with the Marie Eugenie Theatre of the Assumption (METTA) to give the program a unique and distinct flavor, greater latitude for innovation and creativity and a deeper capacity to from women who will be change agents in the industry and leaders of society. Graduates of this program will be able to act, teach, work in the performing arts, and in the fields of corporate communication, broadcasting, public relations, marketing and sales and events management.


AB Psychology
AB Psychology program emphasizes a strong humanistic background and allows students to take a choice of electives in the humanities, management, and sciences.

BS Psychology
BY Psychology programs functions as a training ground for students who want to combine their interests in human behavior and natural sciences. The BS Psychology program is also a pre-Medicine course.

Both AB and BS Psychology Programs get the students ready for further specialization in the different fields of psychology such as developmental psychology, industrial-organizational psychology, counseling & therapy, and social psychology.

Both programs also provide students with training for careers in business and management, teaching, research, and law.