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Dormitory Nurse

Job Description

To make/update the medical record/history of every boarder

  • Coordinates with the HED/BED clinic for the medical history of the boarders;
  • Plans and coordinates with the AC Dorm Team, schedules and develops appropriate programs and activities to increase body resistance and to prevent illness, proper sanitation and first aid treatment for simple illnesses. Developing health consciousness of the boarders.

To check on the symptoms of the sick boarder, check her medical history and give appropriate first aid treatment and medications

  • Attends to the sick boarder, checking and assessing her symptoms and complaints;
  • Checks the boarder’s medical history and allergies
  • Informs the boarder’s parents about such
  • Gives appropriate first aid treatment and or medications
  • Coordinates with the Dorm Directress/Staff regarding the sick boarder and to the school physician when needed
  • Recommends to the Dorm Directress if the sick boarder would need to be brought to the hospital for more intensive check-up/care
  • Defines needed requirements and fills up requests for the medical medications and needed medical equipment as well as for the maintenance, upkeep and improvements of the Infirmary
  • Makes sure that the Infirmary is clean and well sanitized, ready for any sick boarder at all times
  • Makes the medical record of each boarder, files them systematically
  • Does medical report of the symptoms, nursing diagnosis and document and administers prescribed medicines of each patient who gets sick and gives it to the school physician, parent or guardian when the sick boarder is checked in the school clinic or picked up.

To manage and check the provisions and delivery of medical services in the Dorm Infirmary and initiates periodic assessment and quality of medical services

  • To monitor the maintenance, upkeep and cleanliness of the dormitory Infirmary its stocks of medications, facilities and its medical equipment

1. To help develop policies, programs and emergency procedures in giving medical services and in administering medications to sick boarders
2. To be responsive to the needs of the boarders under her care
3. Assists in the formation of boarders
4. Responds to emergencies within the school premises after school clinic hours; on-call 24 hours a day;
5. Performs other tasks that may be assigned by the Dorm Directress and her assistants from time to time.
6. Assists in the over-all operation of the dormitory.

1. Preferably a BS Nursing Degree holder
2. Knowledgeable in first aid
3. Possesses at least 1 year of work experience in medical care
4. Possesses good people leadership and planning skills
5. Above average in oral and written communication skills
6. Must be proficient in using computer programs
7. Must possess a high level of emotional and intellectual maturity
8. Considered a person of high moral and integrity by others in the institution or her previous place of work, especially in handling confidential information/situations
9. Willing to go extra mile.
10. Registered/Licensed Nurse
11. Stay-in Nurse