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Faculty & Staff Kibangay Immersion2017

June 24-July 2: Faculty & Staff (BED & CSD) Immersion in Kibangay, Bukidnon

We went there as a group, but we came home as a community. Our hearts are full, not with fear & worries, but with God's love & grace, bringing with us beautiful memories of the entire Kibangay community - the beauty of nature, the richness of culture and the hospitality of the people. It was indeed an amazing journey! Kibangay is home...Kibangay is heaven on earth...Being in Kibangay is a gift, a gift that we will forever treasure in our hearts! Definitely, we will be back!
Thank you, Lord, for this grace-filled & life-giving experience! Thank you to the R.A. Sisters, the teachers/staff & students of Xavier de Kibangay High School, the Talaandig Tribe, the Binahon Agroforest Farm Staff, the soldiers, to the 4 dogs, and all the people we met who made this journey a meaningful & enriching one. And thank you, too, to all the immersionists for this great experience! All for Jesus, in Jesus!