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Month of October 2016 Activities

October 14, 2016 - Grade 2 C.A.S.T with the AC Guard

Hoooraayyyy Grade 2.....

October 22, 2016 - Grade School S.O.S.

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REACHING OUT. A group of volunteer grade school and high school students went to Little Sisters for the Abandoned Elderly in San Juan City. The students willingly gave their time to listen to the stories of the lols. The outreach activity is part of the regular social sponsibility exposure of the Center for Social Involvement for Assumption students.

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JOYFUL SERVICE. During the visit at the Little Sisters for the Abandoned Elderly, the volunteer students brought smiles to the lolas’ faces as they were serenaded and treated to several dancing and singing performances from the students. The students were also given the chance to spend time with the lolas after the short presentation.