Assumption College
Assumption College San Lorenzo

Application Requirements


Application Form

All applicants must complete the formal application which may be obtained from the College Admissions Office or from the website. On-line application and downloadable forms are available. An application consists of: a completed application form, a non-refundable application fee, and principal and counselor/class adviser recommendations.

All information in the application form must be certified true and correct by both the applicant and a parent or guardian. The Admissions Office has the right to verify information stated and any form of misrepresentation or omission of facts aimed to mislead shall be grounds for cancellation of application.

Recommendations for Admissions

Two recommendations are required to show the applicant’s Performance and add support to her application. Both forms must be received by the Admissions Office in sealed Assumption envelopes with the respective signatures over the envelope flaps. To qualify, applicant must be recommended without reservation by both principal and counselor/adviser.

The principal’s recommendation form must show:

  1. Grade 7-10 numeric grades and the corresponding GPA
  2. Disciplinary record if applicable
  3. Recommendation
  4. Name and Signature

A minimum GPA of 85% taken from the 1st to 4th year must be obtained to qualify for admission. An applicant who does not meet the minimum GPA for the four years in Junior High School but meets the minimum scores required from the admission tests and is recommended without reservation by both Principal and Counselor must be interviewed by the Admissions Head or the Senior High School Director in order to be reconsidered. All applicants reconsidered for admissions with a GPA below 85% shall automatically be put on a one year academic probation status.

A record of disciplinary behavior from the principal’s office is given considerable attention and depending on the nature of offense, can result into a Rejection of the applicant.

The counselor/class adviser’s recommendation form must show:

  1. Strengths and/or weaknesses in character and behavior of applicant
  2. Recommendation
  3. Name and signature

The admissions Office may call the Counselor of the applicant if there is any information which needs clarification.

The applicant may be called for interview by the Head of Admissions if there is any information from either recommendation form that must be probed into or discussed further.
Gross misconduct or disciplinary behavior may result in a rejection of application even if test scores and High School grades are within the minimum requirements.

Test Scores

All applicants must take the following paper-pencil tests to evaluate the potential for successful academic work. Both tests are administered and scored by the college psychometrician.

  1. Assumption College Admission Test (ACAT)
  2. Applicants with below the minimum test scores in English or Math or both or whose English or Math GPA in Junior High School fall below the minimum are required to take the English and/or Math Bridge classes to provide skills needed to succeed in the senior high school.


    All applicants and their parents/guardian are invited to come for an interview.

    Other Application Requirements

  • Attendance to the Senior High School is a privilege which may be forfeited by anyone whose conduct is inconsistent with the policies and regulations of the school.
  • Attendance to the Parent Partnership Program is a pre-requisite for enrollment to the Senior High School. This provides orientation for parents of new students to learn more about the school and how it seeks to partner with them in the education of their daughters.
  • When accepted, applicant must submit chest X-ray (11”x14”), CBC, and blood type (done by applicant's physician or laboratory of choice). A physical exam conducted only by the Assumption College physician is also required prior to enrollment.
  • True copy of grades (Form 138)
  • After enrollment, all Senior High School students must prepare to undergo an orientation and guidance testing session

Assumption College is a Catholic institution. All students, regardless of creed or religion, must prepare to take the required Theology coursers to graduate and receive the Assumption College diploma.